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Resources of Interest – Learning Online

Now might be the time to highlight some of the resources and links we have available to you, many of which could possibly be adapted for home learning.

We hope you find them helpful.







Languages Connect website

Language Mats to encourage target language use (plus an Update Report on the scheme)

Using Language Mats in the MFL Classroom

Engaging MFL Activities

Flashcards to develop speaking skills

Using flashcards in the MFL classroom

The Game Box

Using mini-whiteboards in the MFL Classroom (plus an Update Report on the scheme)

Digital Technologies – Tutorials


WebQuest for TYs

Newspapers and magazines in the MFL Classroom

Teaching through the Target Language


Language Self-Assessment Grid (CEFR)

CEFR Mind Map

Topic- based ‘Can Do’ Checklists (CEFR pre-A1 and A1)

More from CEFR, ELP and Key Skills


Other Agencies:

Teaching Online for Primary and Post Primary Teachers – online course

PDST Distance Learning page

PDST Technology in Education Online Learning page

Scoilnet MFL page