Communities of Practice

PPLI ‘Communities of Practice’ (CoPs) are meetings of teachers who share a common interest in languages and language teaching who come together regularly to share best practice, create new knowledge and exchange ideas. PPLI facilitates CoPs in 18 regions in Ireland.

The activities of each community of practice depends on the participants and are based on mutual respect and trust, which encourages a willingness to:

  • share ideas
  • expose one’s knowledge gaps
  • ask questions, and
  • listen to others.
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Meetings take place regionally throughout the year. To join the CoP mailing list, click here.

Select your Region from the dropdown below to find out the date and location of your next local CoP.

CoPs back in person!

CoP in person
CoP in person

Communities of Practice - Locations

The map below shows the locations running Communities of Practice events. (from September 2022)

Currently Running