Post-Primary Languages Ireland

Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) is a dedicated unit providing expertise and support for foreign languages education in Ireland.

PPLI was originally set up in September 2000 with a remit of diversifying, enhancing and expanding the teaching of languages in second-level schools throughout Ireland. Its focus is on enhancing and broadening the opportunities available to students for learning foreign languages that are relevant to Ireland’s future cultural, social and economic needs.

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Capitalising on the extensive knowledge, expertise, and capacity acquired during the earlier years of the initiative, PPLI has responsibility for implementing key actions in Languages Connect – Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026 which was published by the Irish Government in December 2017.

PPLI is the only dedicated organisation supporting foreign languages education at post-primary level in Ireland and its important role is recognised in the strategy. There is also a broader role for PPLI in the implementation of the strategy which includes awareness raising, employer engagement and languages in society, in addition to the important aspects of implementation which relate to languages in education. An additional part of its role is to conduct applied research that informs and supports policy.

In order to implement the strategy, the PPLI team has grown considerably over the past couple of years and now includes Education Officers, Language Advisors, a team of Associates, a marketing team and a large number of foreign language teachers in a growing variety of languages. For more information on the team, click here.

See how PPLI and Languages Connect support you, your school and your students – download here >> (PDF)

PPLI agus Languages Connect – An tslí a dtacaímid leatsa, le do scoil agus le do chuid scoláirí– Íoslódáil anseo >> (PDF)

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