Foreign Language Assistant Scheme

This page is dedicated to information for school management, MFL teachers and language assistants coming to work in Irish schools.

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FLA and CT Activities

Competitions promoted by PPLI and Languages Connect amongst the FLAs and CTs are very popular. View recent ones here.


Sat 14 October 2023

FLA induction, Convention Centre Dublin

Mid-late October 2023

Cooperating Teacher (CT)-FLA support session one

You will be notified of registration for this event in September and these support sessions are held nationwide.

Mid-November 2023

FLA Community of Practice (CoP)

We will offer dedicated online CoPs for FLAs. These CoPs are meetings of participants who share a common interest in languages and language teaching who come together to share best practice, create new knowledge, and exchange ideas. The activities depend on the participants and are based on mutual respect and trust, which encourages a willingness to share ideas, expose one’s knowledge gaps, ask questions, and listen to others.

November-December 2023

CT-FLA Annual Competition will take place during November and December, with closing date for entries: Friday 15 December 2023. More details to be provided at support session one.

Mid-January 2024

CT-FLA support session two

View the location of the FLAs in the school year 2024-2025 in the map below. Use the menu to filter by language, and the enlarge button to view a larger version.

School Management Information

Details of the role of the school and school management when hosting a language assistant.
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MFL Department Information

MFL Department Information
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Language Assistant Information

More details about what a language assistant is expected to do and the support available.
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FLA Documents and Forms

In this section you will find documents and forms relevant to the Foreign Language Assistant Scheme.
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