FLA & CT Activities

Foreign Language Assistants and their Cooperating Teachers are always busy throughout the year encouraging their students to engage actively in their chosen Modern Foreign Language.

A very popular activity over the past few years has been the competitions that PPLI and Languages Connect have promoted amongst the FLAs and CTs.

These competitions are highlighted below, with the most recent one taking the top spot.

Annual FLA-CT Competition 2023-24

This year’s overall winner was Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

The Culture Corner Project

Jennifer Maverley (CT) and Sophia Ennemoser (FLA), Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

The Culture Corner (PDF)

culture corner image

Recipe for Success

Celebrating collaboration and capturing the ‘recipes’ FLAs and MFL teachers are using to make the Foreign Language Assistant Scheme a success.
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Using ads in the classroom

Showcasing how the Foreign Language Assistant and the Cooperating Teacher(s) have used an advertisement in the target language in class.
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Let's build a playlist for the classroom!

This links in with Languages Connect, which has created language specific playlists on Spotify. We will highlight some entries here.
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