Teaching And Learning

As part of its remit, Post-Primary Languages Ireland also provides expertise and support for teacher education, as well as to broaden opportunities in terms of teaching and learning for MFL.

In this section, we bring together the different supports that we offer in terms of resources, support and opportunities. It also acts as a repository of the resources created for our outreach training events for teachers.

Although we do create original resources, many of them are created by teachers for teachers and the PPLI simply facilitates their dissemination.

The majority of our supports are non-language specific.

Here you will find supports concerning:

  • information on heritage language short courses for Junior Cycle;
  • use of digital technologies and MFL;
  • developing intercultural awareness;
  • language upskilling;
  • SEN and inclusion;
  • teaching through the target language;
  • MFL Department training.

If you would like to contribute a resource to our Teaching and Learning section, which you think would be of benefit to all MFL teachers across Ireland, then please do contact us. 

If your school would like to avail of support from PPLI, please  fill in this form and we will be in touch to discuss it further.