Teaching and Learning

We provide expertise and support for teacher education to broaden opportunities for MFL Teaching and Learning.

In this section, we bring together the different supports that we offer in terms of resources, support, and opportunities. It also acts as a repository of the resources created for our outreach training events for teachers. We support Innovative Methodologies and present sections on Teaching and Learning above for you to explore. 

Teaching and Learning image

Remember, many more important sections are available directly from the links provided here, such as Active LearningAssessment; Awareness and Culture; Language Upskilling; Communicative Competence; Teaching through the Target Language; Inclusion and Language Learning; and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), European Language Portfolio (ELP) and Key Skills.

Although we do create original resources, many of them are created by teachers for teachers and the PPLI simply facilitates their dissemination. The majority of our supports are non-language specific.

In Autumn 2023 the Languages Connect Summit took place. Visit here to learn all about the event – the speakers, workshops and resources.

If you would like to contribute a resource to our Teaching and Learning section, which you think would be of benefit to all MFL teachers across Ireland, or if your school would like to avail of support from PPLI, then please do contact us.