Awareness and Culture

Learning a language is more than simply words, sentences, and constructions. It should encapsulate both awareness of the language you are studying, and the culture and context of that language.

Below, we begin by introducing you to Language Awareness and a website by the Cambridge International Education Teaching and Learning Team, and then highlight some resources which we think might assist you in the areas of Awareness and Culture.

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Getting started with Language Awareness - Cambridge International

In this resource, the basics of language awareness are examined in detail. Theories are explored that help us better understand the language needs of our students. Practical examples for everyday teaching are presented. Experienced practitioners share their ideas about what they do that works. You will think about the specific needs of your learners and how you can take steps to become more language aware.

Resources of Interest

Literacy and Reading Strategies in MFL

Raising the profile of languages in your school

Culture Boxes

Languages Connect Education Zone