Funding Schemes for MFL Teachers

PPLI administers a number of funding schemes to help address the current shortage of qualified language teachers in Ireland.

These schemes aim to increase the number and capacity of qualified post-primary modern foreign language (MFL) teachers in Ireland and to increase and diversify language provision in post-primary schools.

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Languages Upskilling Scheme for Post-Primary MFL Teachers

Are you an MFL teacher not currently teaching a language you are qualified in? Or are you an MFL teacher who could expand language teaching in your school by, for example, starting a new Leaving Certificate group or by moving from teaching Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle?

PPLI administers an upskilling funding scheme that supports MFL teachers to improve their proficiency in a language they are qualified in but not currently teaching, or not teaching to full capacity. If their school agrees to the teacher introducing a new language or expanding teaching of a language, the teacher can apply to this funding scheme, which will offer financial support towards an upskilling course suitable for them.

NOTE: This scheme is designed to activate existing ‘dormant’ qualified capacity in schools and is not intended for regular MFL teachers who are teaching at full capacity.

Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines below. To apply, use this link.

There is no deadline for applications as the scheme is open all year round. For queries contact

Teaching Council Criteria Shortfall Funding Scheme

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PPLI provides funding for modern foreign language (MFL) teachers with a shortfall in Teaching Council registration criteria. These teachers may be internationally qualified, or they may have completed a degree in Ireland that is missing credits in a particular area. The funding enables teachers to gain up to 15 credits to make up a shortfall.

By bringing teachers who are close to being able to register to teach a language to a point where they fulfil the registration criteria, the funding scheme aims to increase MFL teaching capacity in post-primary schools in Ireland.

Be sure to read the guidelines for criteria and more information. Apply here.