Language Upskilling

In this section, you will find suggestions for upskilling your language skills and also information on the upskilling scheme run by PPLI.

For more information on the present phase of the Language Upskilling Scheme from PPLI, see below:

Below you will find articles and websites which might interest you:

    • The Mixxer

      Another free social media language learners community. Includes the use of Skype.

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    • Radio Lingua Network

      Radio Lingua Network offers a variety of audio options for Italian, German, Spanish, Frenchg and English/ESL.

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    • Learn Polish with Babbel

      Free online course.

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      Busuu is a ‘language learning community’ or social network for language learners. You will be invited to act as both user and tutor in conversing via chat-windows or webcam. You can join for free and have access to a good bit (vocab, reading and writing exercises and interactive testing of your level) .

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    • Assess Your Language Skills

      Are you a beginner? Complete beginner or ‘false beginner’? An intermediate or advanced language learner? Are your oral language skills ahead of your written skills, or on the opposite are you more comfortable reading the language than interacting orally?

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