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Language Mat Scheme Report

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Teachers were able to request one set of thirty language mats per MFL teacher in their school for their corresponding language.

Please see below the total number of requests as of Wednesday 25th March 2020:

French sets: 1590(47700 individual mats)

German sets: 741 (22230 individual mats)

Italian sets: 106 (3180 individual mats)

Spanish sets: 689 (20670 individual mats)

Total sets: 3126 (93780 individual mats)

512 different teachers placed requests in approximately 480 different schools.

However, due to school closures over the coronavirus, only 1986 sets were sent out to schools (59580). The rest are packaged and ready to be sent out once schools reopen, that’s 1096 sets left (32880).

Total numbers of sets sent out as of Wednesday 25th March 2020:

French sets: 997(29910 individual mats)

German sets: 505(15150 individual mats)

Italian sets: 64(1920 individual mats)

Spanish sets: 420(12600 individual mats)

Total sets: 1986(59580 individual mats)


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