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Support for FLA and Cooperating Teachers

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As part of the Department of Education and Skills’ Foreign Languages in Education Strategy, the number of language assistants coming to Ireland has been increased. To offer support to both Co-operating Teachers (CTs and Foreign Language Assistants (FLA), PPLI will be offering 2 evening CPD sessions (November/December 2020 and January/February 2021) delivered online in addition to a recorded webinar. These will concentrate on how to maximise the benefit for students, MFL teachers, and the school in general of having a FLA present in school, and support for collaborative planning. The content of the CPD is based on feedback received from Co-operating Teachers and FLAs in recent years. A certificate of attendance will be delivered to attending Co-operating Teachers and FLAs. If you have any queries, please email: Sandrine Pac-Kenny at:

Registration for session 1 will open soon. An email will be sent to you.

To register for session 2 – the pre-recorded webinar, will open in November 2020.

To register for session 3 – will open after session 1.