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Inspiring Plurilingualism Conference: PPLI presenting

Our director, Karen Ruddock, is presenting today at the Inspiring Plurilingualism Conference on Languages Connect: Ireland’s Foreign Languages in Education Strategy. View Presentation.

Ireland’s Foreign Languages in Education Strategy aims to support plurilingualism by improving language proficiency and creating a more engaging learning environment, by diversifying and increasing the uptake of languages learned and cultivating the languages of the new Irish, by increasing awareness of the importance of language learning to encourage the wider use of foreign languages, and by enhancing employer engagement in the development and use of trade languages. The presentation will look at how some of this is being achieved and will showcase some of the progress that is being made.

Our Teaching and Learning Manager, Dr Kenia Puig I Planella, is presenting on Driving Innovation, Inclusion, and Quality Teaching and Learning via Blended Learning courses. See https://vimeo.com/682908603.

In the last few decades Ireland has become a multilingual society. In this context the education system has an important role in nurturing, fostering and sustaining the multilingual society in which we now live. This is recognised as an important action in Languages Connect which recognises the importance of supporting the languages of the new Irish in the curriculum and using innovative methodologies for teaching and learning to achieve this. As an example of how this goal is being achieved, Kenia will showcase the implementation of a blended learning course being facilitated in collaboration with Cavan Monaghan ETB.