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2022 School Library Home Languages Funding Scheme now open

2022 School Library Home Languages Funding Scheme is an opportunity to provide resources for students from Ukraine as well as students from other countries.

The scheme gives primary and post-primary schools an opportunity to acquire books and other relevant home language resources for students who speak home languages other than English or Irish. Students can benefit from books in their own language as this supports their literacy, identity and heritage.

Dual language books are particularly useful. Books in English/Irish and the home language are an ideal tool for all teachers to use. Dual language books are available for different age groups.

How does the scheme work?

  • School fills in an application form. One application per school.
  • After funding has been approved the school acquires materials independently.
  • The school is refunded when they fill in a reimbursement form with receipts/payment records of the acquired materials.

The following Guidelines are provided.

What materials are covered by the scheme?

The scheme covers books in home languages relevant in the school. Ukrainian students could be a particular priority this year if they attend your school.

Other relevant resources can also be acquired such as traditional and digital games in foreign languages, comics, magazines, easy readers, maps, stickers, talking pens, etc.

How to apply for funding?

Schools can apply for funding until 31st May 2022 using the following Application Form.

For any queries contact kirsi.hanifin@ppli.ie