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CPD: Creating Independent Language Learners

Creating Independent Language Learners presented by Margot Hayes in University Limerick 12th March 2016.

The face of language learning has changed dramatically in the past 5 years and the digital age offers unlimited opportunities for language learners to access the target language culture and community. With the use of Tablets in particular, the world of the target language is now  literally at our students’ fingertips. In fact, there are so many new Apps being invented every day  that it is easy to become swamped in the possibilities these offer and overwhelmed by the choices presented. Through this workshop, I will first of all demonstrate what I consider to be the Essential Apps in the MFL classroom. Then I will look at the best Apps which specifically target both productive and receptive language skills. Finally I will show how classroom Apps such as Showbie (also edmodo) have enabled the teacher to act as both monitor and facilitator in the autonomous acquisition of languages in the MFL classroom by providing a platform through which student independent learning can be facilitated and easily assessed.

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