Dr Chang Zhang, Education Officer

Chang joined PPLI in 2020 as an Education Officer. His work focuses on the integration of Asian languages into schools, initial teacher education (ITE), and continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers of newly introduced and lesser-taught languages. He also leads projects researching strategies to enhance the uptake of foreign languages in schools, including for students with additional educational needs (AEN). Chang offers expertise and consultation to relevant agencies and collaborates with scholars in the field of language education both in Ireland and internationally.

Chang holds a BA in TESOL, an MA in TCSOL, and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. He came to Ireland in 2012 as a Mandarin Chinese language assistant and subsequently taught in schools and enterprises. He served as a visiting lecturer at University College Dublin for three years before moving to Trinity College Dublin in 2016. There, he taught postgraduate Chinese modules and worked on the establishment of blended learning undergraduate electives for modern foreign languages (MFL). His areas of interest and expertise include Mandarin language and pedagogy, (de)motivation studies, language policy, and language teacher education.