Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural awareness is omnipresent in the MFL classroom. It is having an understanding of your own and other cultures. In this section,  you can find example of activities which will help you bring it in your classroom.

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Recently, the website “An Intercultural Look At Our Schools” was launched.

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Between 2016 and 2019, the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) developed a project called A Roadmap to Support the Languages of Schooling. The aim of this project is to enable schools to set up a tailor-made, whole-school strategy to support the development of students’ competences in the language(s) of schooling”.

Using the ECML project as a springboard, PPLI have adapted and contextualised the ECML Roadmap for Use in Post-Primary Schools in Ireland.

The result is this toolkit for self-evaluation and support for intercultural and linguistic diversity in schools wishing to address inclusion.

Other Examples:

    • WebQuest – A trip to (French)

      Designed for Transition Year students, this WebQuest will take your students on a journey. They will learn to plan and undertake research while using the target language.

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    • WebQuests

      Advantages, structure and design of a webquest.

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    • Video/DVD

      It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is certainly the case with the use of video in a language lesson. Because it is so close to language reality -containing both visual and audio clues- video is an excellent medium for use in the language classroom.

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    • Postcards and Photographs

      Postcards and photographs can be included in the general ‘culture box’ relating to the target culture/s. They can be collected by students as well as by teachers in the school.

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    • Newspapers

      Local, regional and national newspapers give students another insight into the culture of the target country.

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    • KWL

      KWL = (What I) Know, Want to know, Learnt is a quick template to promote thinking skills about any cultural topic about to be introduced in class .

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    • Culture boxes

      What do you see in this image? it’s all a question of perspective… Making the familiar strange and the strange familiar’ and ‘making the general specific’ are two intercultural education strategies.

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    • Class Interview questions

      Class Interview questions

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    • Class interview

      Class interview

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    • Halloweenul Românesc

      Halloweenul este sărbătorit în fiecare an pe 31 octombrie, fiind ajunul zilei Tuturor Sfinților. Pot 

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