Language Apps and Mobile Devices

  • The Big Picture Of Education Technology: The Padagogy Wheel

    The “padagogy” wheel is  diagram based on Bloom’s Taxonomy that incorporates digital tools into its designed. For each level of the taxonomy, digital tools are suggested that can help students perform different tasks but require different levels of skill and cognitive load. This can be a useful planning tool to help you to design appropriate activities for students using ICT.

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  • Saving PDFs to iOS or Android

    Make sure you open the PDF using Safari (Other browsers will not give you the option to save it on iBooks)

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  • Apps for language teaching and learning workshop (PPLI)

    Slides from a workshop on Apps for language teaching and learning delivered in 2015 (Killarney)

    Download the slides here

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  • Glogster App

    Express ideas easier than before using the powerful Glog canvas allowing you to combine images, graphics, audio, video and text.

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  • Memrise

    Language is so much more than vocabulary. Language is people, language is travel, language is culture. You’re on your way to making a real connection with the world by learning a new language. Memrise is an app that can be used to help students to learn a language.



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  • QuikVoice: For oral work

    This app allows students to record themselves and in pairs. Good for students to assess their pronunciation.



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  • Stori Kit

    This is a great app which allows the user to create a storybook using their iPad/iPhone camera and adding text.


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