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  • VIDEO: How students’ first language can support learning

    This video showcases the work of Dr Dee McGarry, Language Support Programme teacher in St Mark’s Community School in Tallaght.

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  • Connected: A multilingual magazine

    This magazine was produced by Dee McGarry, the LSP co-ordinator in St Mark’s Community school in Tallaght..

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  • Rubric for digital personal presentation

    This rubric contains assessment criteria for the digital personal presentation. Click here

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  • AfL in the MFL classroom- Jane Jones

    Developing Effective Formative Practices in the MFL classroom. In this article by Jane Jones the emphasis is on formative assessment and assessment for learning and its principles. Case studies highlight assessments in all four skills and show how assessment can contribute to the development of self-learning and pupil autonomy in aspects of their language learning.

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  • Assess Your Language Skills using the CEFR

    Are you a beginner? Complete beginner or ‘false beginner’? An intermediate or advanced language learner? Are your oral language skills ahead of your written skills, or on the opposite are you more comfortable reading the language than interacting orally? Use the CEFR to help assess your language skills.

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  • How to write in Chinese

    This is an article about Chinese characters including tips to start writing and reading them.

    Check it out here.



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  • Digital Dialects

    Free online games helping you to learn or revise key vocabulary in many languages.

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  • Chinese image

    Confucius Insitute UCD TY Pack

    Contact details are available here for accessing a TY pack prepared by the Confucius Institute in UCD.

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