1. Introduction Tasks – Russian

Before you start teaching a new language to your TY students we encourage you to engage them in some introductory tasks.

We have prepared 5 to choose from.  They explore both the language and culture of the country/ies they are going to learn about. You can choose a couple of them or get your students to work in stations to complete them all.

All the material you need is included in each task.

Click on the links for more details.



In this resource, students are working in groups and research a specific tourist attraction and ‘sell’ it to the rest of the class. Download the lesson plan here and the template for the tourist attraction here.

This resource is a reflection exercise based on questions. It helps students reflect on how they learn a language and will encourage them to develop strategies with their new language. To download the resource, click here.

With this activity, students are using their ‘detective’ skills to uncover language based on authentic material. Click here to access the lesson.

This module is aimed at students who are taking part in beginners class. In this introductory module we present a series of tasks and activities designed to awaken students’ curiosity about the language and culture they are going to learn over the next few weeks. The tasks are also aimed at helping students to explore language learning strategies and tap into their existing knowledge of the country/ies and language. It includes:

An introduction

Map for Russian speaking countries.

Tweet template

Plane template

For this resource, please read the instruction here and then click on the resource below.

Loop Game Russian