CLIL Pilot: Training Materials

These are the resources that were used to train the teachers during the CLIL pilot in 2019.

The training materials are divided into 3 sections:

Section 1a: The Role of Language in the Classroom

The aim of this training session is to be able to describe the features of a plurilingual and translingual classroom where learning is action-orientated and received, produced, interacted with and mediated in various ways. This training session will help trainees to understand the role of language in the classroom in a CLIL context in Ireland.

Section 1b: The ‘what?’, ‘where?’ and ‘why?’ of CLIL.

This session will help users to distinguish between CLIL and traditional MFL teaching and to recognise areas of their own current practice that align with those of CLIL

Section 1C: Designing Curricula

This session will focus on the design of CLIL curricula. Although teachers in Ireland will be provided with the materials that they require in order to teach CLIL, this session designed to give teachers the autonomy to create their own learning units or modules specific to the context in which they work.

Section 2: Professional Development

Accompanying the training materials, are a number of professional development tools that teachers engaged with the training can use in order to refine their practice. Because CLIL is not simply a methodology but an approach, it brings with it a new philosophy of teaching that goes beyond the scope of one task or activity in a lesson or series of lessons. As a result, having a robust competency framework is necessary in order to demonstrate to all stakeholders its breadth as a an approach.

There are 3 key documents in this regard:

Reading List

Although not exhaustive, here is a list of reference works that might be of interest to those engaged with the practice.