Ukrainian Languages Classes completed

students in class

Lana Ilyin and Natalia Bahiry  (two experienced Ukrainian teachers)  have finished 12 fifteen-minute-long sessions of the Ukrainian language used in the classroom aimed at the Irish teachers and SNAs.  They ran from May 17th until June 2nd.

Stephanie Keating from ESCI, the director of Athlone Education Support Centre, was incredibly helpful and supportive. She has made all the material the teachers provided her with available to the participants on the website, including the following Padlet. The materials included the PowerPoint that was used during the sessions, the pdf of the Ukrainian mat and the audios to accompany it, and a separate PowerPoint on Ukraine which the teachers might want to use in the classroom.

The participants liked the time and duration of the sessions and had a chance to ask questions. Their overall feedback was very positive, too.