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MFL Teacher Survey: Identifying shortfalls in meeting Teaching Council criteria for registration

Some qualified MFL Teachers may not be registered with the Teaching Council as a result of a shortfall in qualifications. Teachers may be internationally qualified, or they may have done a degree in Ireland which is missing credits in a particular area e.g. literature. Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) is seeking to gather information to establish what types of shortfalls exist. Data will be gathered to see if it would be viable to offer funding for MFL Teachers to participate in modules that would meet the shortfall in qualifications in order to register as an MFL teacher with the Teaching Council. The proposal to fund a maximum of 3 modules or 15 credits would be relevant for teachers who almost meet the criteria. 
PPLI is conducting a survey in order to establish: 
  1. Types of shortfalls MFL Teachers have in the foreign language  
  2. The potential capacity of MFL Teachers to participate in modules that would meet that shortfall (on site, online, blended) 
  3. The current challenges MFL Teachers face in meeting the shortfall  
  4. Measures which would best assist MFL Teachers in meeting the shortfall to register  
This data will inform PPLI in assessing the feasibility of funding teachers to do modules which would meet the shortfalls. This survey is a data gathering exercise only, however it is important that the relevant MFL Teachers take part in order to make it possible for PPLI to make informed decisions on any possible future funding opportunities for MFL Teachers.  
How to participate in the survey  Access the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MFLTeacherSurvey .    Please submit before Fri 20th March 2020 
For any queries contact Kirsi Hanifin kirsi.hanifin@ppli.ie  
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