Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese: Information Session

Chinese Information Session image

Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) is a dedicated unit of the Department of Education providing expertise and support for foreign languages education in Ireland, predominantly at post-primary level. PPLI has responsibility for implementing key actions in Languages Connect – Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026, which was published by the Irish Government in December 2017. One of the actions is to implement Mandarin Chinese as a Leaving Certificate subject in post-primary schools in Ireland.  

Post-Primary Languages Ireland is organising an information session on the new Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese specification for parents of heritage speakers. It aims to help parents become familiar with the specification and identify suitable supports for their children, in particular when they do not have access to the class in schools. The information session will take place at 19:00 on 11th March GMT. Please register by filling in the application through the link below by 8th March. Link to the online session will be sent to registered attendees closer to date. Please notice the working language for this information session will be Mandarin Chinese. If you require information in English, please email info@ppli.ie. We will reply or organise separate events based on demand.

爱尔兰中学语言教育中心(Post-Primary Languages Ireland,简称PPLI)是爱尔兰教育部的下属部门,负责为爱尔兰外语教育提供专业指导和支持,以中学阶段的教育为工作重点。爱尔兰政府于2017年发布了20172026年爱尔兰外语教育战略其中明确了自2020年开始在中学开设中文高考课程,于2022年第一次实行中文高考。PPLI负责外语战略一些关键计划的实施工作。这其中包括中学阶段的中文教育进行支持阶段工作重点即是中文作为高考科目的课程建设和推广工作。 



Registration link / 注册链接:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CNINFO2021