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#ICTinEdu – Summary of the conference from an MFL point of view

ICT in Education took place on May 11th in Thurles. Teachers interesting in using technology in the classroom came together to learn from each other. Sandrine Pac-Kenny from PPLI was present and presented on Digital technology in the language classroom - Why? What? and How? Sandrine's presentation is available here: PPLI_ICTinEdu_Presentation_May2019 There were another two presentations directly related to MFL given by Gloria Enrique (@MissGEnrique) and Tina Killackey (@TKillackey). Gloria's presentation is available here: Amplifying Student Voice With Flipgrid ICTEdu Conference 2019 Tina's presentation is available here: Bird’s eye view! ICT in Education TKillackey There were also other talks which shared ideas which could be adapted to the MFL classroom. Here are ideas Sandrine noted down: From Julian Wood, @ideas_factory Superhero generator Getting the more reluctant students to take part; could be used for creating little stories for example. Classtools.net Multiple tools to create Fakebook, Random name picker, etc. Clone Zone Allows you to clone a website and replace information. Great for creative writing and make it look like authentic websites. Can only be used with non https websites. Cryptii Ideal for cryptic message, Could be used for escape games. Youtube - 360 videos Allows you to go 360 while watching the video. Look at this Paris example. Streetview Great to check out the target language country. From Eustace Stephen, @eustace_stephen For teachers using Microsoft 365, One Note replay feature allows students to see the steps taken again. Could be good to go over a grammar point or how to structure a piece of writing for example.
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