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Creating an MFL Department: how do we get started?

PPLI launched this year a suite of resources to support MFL teachers establish Modern Foreign Language departments in their schools. The MFL approach recognizes the shared pedagogies, methodologies and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment that underpin the delivery of all languages in schools. They also provide teachers with a context for supportive collaboration to confront the challenges posed by curriculum reform, to share best practice and to create a more palpable presence in a school context akin to that of other traditionally larger departments such as Science. The resources are targeted at aspiring MFL Departments or those that are already well-established. To begin the process, language teachers are invited to complete a Needs Analysis document to guide your reflection as a team of your current MFL context (click here to download).  Once completed, the document will provide you with links to several team-led training resources. Each resource is organized like a lesson plan (lasting around 40-minutes) and will guide your team to complete the training. The resources are designed to fit your context; you choose those which are most relevant to you as a team. Additionally, the creation of MFL departments is developmental and will take time so it is not advisable to complete lots of training all at once. We hope that you find these resources useful. If you have any feedback or queries, then please let us know via our webpage.
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