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Content and Language Integrated Learning – Our new CPD cohort


As many of you may have seen, PPLI launched its latest round of CLIL CPD for MFL teachers last week. Content and Language Integrated Learning is a pedagogical approach that sees the teaching of subject content through a foreign language. As a result, the foreign language is used for a real, authentic purpose and has shown to raise levels of engagement and motivation for foreign language learning among students involved.

It is for this reason as well as many others that Languages Connect, Ireland’s language strategy, includes CLIL as an opportunity to be explored, particularly during TY. Have a look at our recent introductory video to CLIL in which teachers talk about the value of CLIL for teachers and students in TY.

New CLIL CPD Cohort

Since advertising our new CLIL CPD, we have had over 500 visits to the webpage alone and we’re happy to announce that we have a cohort of 40 teachers who are looking to up skill in CLIL methodologies and approaches. Our teachers are from a geographically wide area across the country enabling us to lay the groundwork for future CLIL networking.

Want to find out more?

Although our training is full for this next round, if you’re interested in finding out about what we do in the CLIL training then please have a look at our website as well as the other resources and supports available to you.