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CLIL Pilot Update

mfl clil pilot

In June 2019, 15 teachers from across Ireland came together in Maynooth University and University College Cork to begin the Content and Language Integrated Learning or CLIL pilot launched by the PPLI. CLIL is an approach where different subjects (the content) are taught through a foreign language rather than the normal language of instruction. CLIL has been highly successful across Europe and the rest of the world in offering an alternative to traditional language learning by providing learners with a specific context and purpose in which to see a foreign language in use.

Consequently, there are numerous advantages. The implementation plan of Languages Connect, Ireland’s languages strategy, refers to CLIL as having the potential “to increase the use of language skills, heighten the intercultural dimension, and increase confidence in language learning and awareness”(p.13).

The PPLI are piloting the use of CLIL to teach languages in TY from September 2019 to December 2019. The 15 teachers were trained in CLIL pedagogy and then provided with content materials based on various CSPE-type themes. The teachers met in October 2019 and will meet again in December 2019 to discuss the experience from a language teacher and student perspective.

Once the pilot is complete, we will publish the results in January 2020 as well as develop a CLIL training module that can be completed as part of their own CPD so that they can deliver similar TY modules in their schools. We also hope to provide a space in which language teachers and other subject teachers can develop content that could also be delivered in TY.
Further details of the pilot, training and teaching resources can be found here.

We are looking for teachers who might be interested in working with us on some of these projects. If you are interested in being involved, please let us know.

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