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Adding Languages to Work Experience: A Resource Available to Students

A Work Experience Student Activity Pack for the TY & LCA/LCVP students has been developed by Languages Connect. ‘Working with languages’ combines the world of work with the awareness of language skills during work experience. The pack fits into a whole school approach by encouraging the collaboration with MFL teachers, guidance counsellors and TY/LCA coordinators. It furthers the aim of providing a range of learning experiences and can be used in and out of the school setting. The pack aims to make students more aware of the presence of foreign languages around us, to become more culturally aware, and to reflect on the importance of language skills in the world of work. ‘Working with languages’ can be used as an addition to your TY and LCA/LCVP students’ work experience learning materials. Some examples of how to use the pack:
  • Can be used during work placement
  • Careers & Language Skills piece of portfolio work
  • Reflective work based on the completed activities as a follow-up
  • Pre-work experience or follow-up activities for classroom-based work
  • Preparing students, especially those doing the LCA/LCVP, for real life work situations in the global world and using activities to add value
  • Project work
  • Team work or role play by using the activities
  • Activities may be followed by, for example, CV building or interview skills development, especially with the LCA/LCVP students
  • Using activities with related Languages Connect guidance-related resources, such as those available at: https://languagesconnect.ie/why-study-a-language/
  • Engaging students with specific past pupils or employers
Accessing the activities:
  • Download and print the activities you are interested in providing for your students. Students can also use their device
  • You can photocopy freely
  • We know that employers may sometimes feel they do not have enough meaningful tasks to offer to a work experience student. This pack gives the students activities to do when the employer may not have time to engage with the student
  • ‘Working with languages’ can be used at any workplace
  • A useful resource to have in the school
  • There is no cost
Download 'Working with languages' by clicking on this Link. If you are interested in piloting ‘Working with languages’ in your school contact Kirsi Hanifin.    
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