PPLI provide a number of language-related resources and substantive supports relevant to specific post-Primary stages.


Leaving Certificate Applied

The PPLI provides extensive supports for to schools and students to help them to achieve the aim of diversifying, enhancing and expanding language education at this level. Leaving Certificate Applied is one of our development areas and we look forward to working with schools to develop resources and supports to support LCA students and teachers.


Our PPLI supports include:

  • guidelines produced for school management on how to diversify, enhance and expand MFL education in schools
  • providing teachers with a platform to share best practice in MFL education through Spotlight on Schools.
  • providing training (both online and in person) in the use of cutting edge approaches and pedagogies for the MFL classroom
  • training for the use of digital tools for language learning
  • training and resource supports for Language Assistants and their Cooperating Teachers


In conjunction with Languages Connect

  • providing funding for teachers to undertake fully-funded training to up-skill in another language so that schools can offer more languages at this level
  • work placement reflection documents to encourage students to consider the implications of undertaking such a workplace in a foreign country
  • providing presentations and workshops for students in schools focusing on the importance of learning languages.
  • providing funding and supports for summer camps for Heritage Language speakers and Lesser-taught languages.


In collaboration with other government agencies:

  • providing CPD conferences for MFL teachers such as JCT and PDST
  • developing and delivering training in the creation of digital stories through languages to provide an authentic context for language use.