Leaving Certificate

  • 12 challenges of ICT integration in MFL instruction

    ICT integration in the MFL curriculum and its implementation in the classroom pose a series of important challenges which refer to the way digital tools and tasks affect language acquisition as well as the students’ general cognitive, emotional, social and moral development.

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  • Literacy in MFL

    This presentation by David Wicks looks at the role of teachers of MFL in teaching general literacy. The PowerPoint includes strategies for accurate spelling, memorising and retention of new vocabulary.

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  • VIDEO: Engagement, relevance & enjoyment in the communicative language classroom

    Exploring engagement, relevance and enjoyment in the communicative language classroom (Spanish).

    Engagement, relevance & enjoyment in the communicative language classroom (Spanish) from Vitall Project on Vimeo.

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  • Glogster App

    Express ideas easier than before using the powerful Glog canvas allowing you to combine images, graphics, audio, video and text.

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  • VIDEO: Exploring ‘Success Criteria’

    This is a third year class on the topic of ‘My neighbourhood’.  The class and the teacher collaborate to generate success criteria for oral production around the topic.  Working in pairs, and using digital microphones, students peer assess in light of these criteria.

    Assessment for Learning: Exploring ‘Success Criteria’ (French) from Vitall Project on Vimeo.

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  • Using Newspapers in the Languages Classroom

    Local, regional and national newspapers give students another insight into the culture of the target country. The following resource has been developed for teachers to show how you could use reading material from the target language culture in the classroom.

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  • VIDEO: Informal seating & movement in the classroom

    A collaborative interactive approach is used to promote practice of the target language and to accommodate a variety of learning styles with this first year group learning Spanish.

    Breaking with tradition: informal seating & movement in the classroom (Spanish) from Vitall Project on Vimeo.

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  • Using Postcards and Photographs in the Languages Classroom

    Postcards and photographs can be included in the general ‘culture box’ relating to the target culture/s. They can be collected by students as well as by teachers in the school.

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  • QuikVoice: For oral work

    This app allows students to record themselves and in pairs. Good for students to assess their pronunciation.



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  • Stori Kit

    This is a great app which allows the user to create a storybook using their iPad/iPhone camera and adding text.


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  • WebQuests

    Advantages, structure and design of a webquest.

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  • VIDEO: Learners teaching learners

    This is an introduction to an on-line revision tool. First year Italian students describe developing resources for their peers on the topics of clothes and colours.

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  • Balada Populară – Balada Cultă

    Balada populară este opera epică, în versuri, în care se povestesc întâmplări inspirate din tradiția 

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