Junior Cycle

PPLI provide a number of language-related resources and substantive supports relevant to specific post-Primary stages.


Junior Cycle 

Recent reforms in the Junior Cycle Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages have provided extensive opportunities for post-Primary Languages Ireland to engage in numerous projects that diversify, enhance and expand language education at this level.


Our PPLI supports include:

  • the development of Junior Cycle Short Courses in heritage and lesser-taught languages
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Lithuanian
    • Japanese
  • support for the implementation of the new JC MFL specification for the curricular languages
  • guidelines produced for school management on how to diversify, enhance and expand MFL education in schools
  • providing teachers with a platform to share best practice in MFL education through Spotlight on Schools.
  • supporting teachers with the implementation of the Common European Framework for Language Learning
  • providing training (both online and in person) in the use of cutting edge approaches and pedagogies for the MFL classroom
  • training for the use of digital tools for language learning
  • providing creative competitions and projects for MFL students to engage in such as Webquests.
  • training and resource supports for Language Assistants and their Cooperating Teachers


In conjunction with Languages Connect

  • providing funding for teachers to undertake fully-funded training to up-skill in another language so that schools can offer more languages at this level
  • providing funding and supports for summer camps for Heritage Language speakers and Lesser-taught languages.


In collaboration with other government agencies:

  • providing CPD conferences for MFL teachers such as JCT and PDST
  • developing and delivering training in the creation of digital stories through languages to provide an authentic context for language use.