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Ideas for working on role plays

This is a strategy to prepare students doing role plays.

  1. Prepare a sample dialogue based on the roleplay.
  2. Cut each sentence up and put each cut-up sentence into a separate envelope. You might want to have sentences with blanks in them to make students reflect a bit more.
  3. Split the class into pairs. Each member of the pair must work with his/her partner. They must imagine they are joint to the hip. The point being that they must do everything together as a team.
  4. Place the envelopes (with the cut up sentences taken from the role play dialogue) on desks throughout the room.
  5. The pairs of students go around to the envelopes and put the cut up words in the correct order to make a sentence, they then write the sentence down on their forms and move onto the next sentence.
  6. The pair who wins is the pair who unscramble all the sentences and put the sentences on their forms into the correct order for the dialogue