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Digital Storytelling: What’s your story? An elective from JCT and PPLI

This elective offers a workshop to support teachers in using digital storytelling, both the process and the tools, in the MFL classroom.

Below are links to various materials and information.  The Workshops have been completed, but you can access materials used in them via the Resources tab.

Submit your story via the tab below. New closing date for submissions is May 29th, 2020.

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Closing date for submissions is May 29th, 2020.Digital Storytelling

Q: How long should the digital be?

A:  There is no minimum or maximum time.

Q: Can a student submit his/her own story and also take part in a group digital story?

A: Yes

Q: Can it be a stop motion digital story?

A: Yes, all forms are allowed. The emphasis is on using the TL creatively to tell a story so students are free to be as creative as possible

Q: How big can the groups be?

A: Groups can be as big as the students want.

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Digital StorytellingClick here to download the poster for your school.

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To attend the workshop, please click on the location of your choice below:

November 18th – Drumcondra Education Centre

November 18th – Limerick Education Centre 

November 26th – Mayo Education Centre

November 27th – Kildare Education Centre 

December 4th – Athlone Education Centre 

December 10th – Galway Education Centre 

January 14th – Dublin West Education Centre 

January 15th – Navan Education Centre 

January 21st – Carrick-on-Shannon Education Centre 

January 23rd – Wexford Education Centre 

If you have any queries, please contact:

Digital StorytellingBelow are links to resources used in the workshops.