Junior Cycle Short Courses

Junior Cycle short courses in new Modern Languages have been and are being developed by the PPLI. These 100 hour courses are based on the Framework for Junior Cycle (DES, 2015) and on the Junior Cycle Short Courses Draft Handbook ‘Developing Short Courses in Junior Cycle’ which includes the Course Specifications template as well as guidelines and useful appendices. The Framework provides the statements of learning and key skills which all short courses are based upon. For all reference documents please consult the NCCA dedicated Junior Cycle Short Courses page. Click here

New Short Courses in Modern Languages are aligned to both the Junior Cycle Framework and NCCA template and to the European benchmark for modern languages, the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The courses will also be compatible with purpose-made language e-Portfolios based on the European Language Portfolio (ELP). For information on the potential for alignment of the two frameworks, see here (article) and here (table).

This section contains the generic Modern Languages documents, language-specific Junior Cycle short courses based on these in Japanese, Lithuanian as a Heritage Language, Polish as a Heritage Language and Russian. Information on these can be obtained by contacting Karen Ruddock, PPLI Director, directly at Karen.Ruddock@ppli.ie

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