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Learner experiences

  • QuikVoice: For oral work

    This app allows students to record themselves and in pairs. Good for students to assess their pronunciation.



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  • Using an online platform for oral skills development

    A presentation by Ruth O’Callaghan, St Mary’s Holy Faith, Glasnevin who presents the Showbie app as a tool to practice oral skills for homework that can be assessed at a later date.

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  • CPD: Why Twitter?

    Tweet yourself to a new circle – What is Twitter all about? Twitter is not for exchanging trivia. It’s a powerful networking tool.

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  • Hashtags, Handles and Pins

    Hashtags, Handles and Pins (presentation by Kenia Puig)

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  • Triptico: create interactive activities

    Triptico is a collection of interactive resources which enable imaginative educators to create engaging learning for their classroom or workplace. Creating, saving, adapting and sharing interactive learning content is easy with Triptico.

    Access the site wherever you are and on any computer. Build your own library of interactive learning resources. Join groups and share activities with colleagues.

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  • CPD: Digital literacy for MFL teachers checklist

    A resource produced by the PPLI that was originally used for Russian teacher CPD but which is relevant to all language teachers. This checklist may be of use to MFL teachers who wish to assess their own digital literacy skills and plan for upskilling.

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  • CPD: Using Padlet to Support Teaching in languages classroom

    Using Padlet to Support Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Classroom presented by Sinead Tuohy in University Limerick 12th March 2016.

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  • Digital Dialects

    Free online games helping you to learn or revise key vocabulary in many languages.

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  • WebQuests

    Advantages, structure and design of a webquest.

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  • Using Apps in Drame

    Introduction to planning and writing a sketch in Spanish, practicing scenes, videoing and editing footage, and presenting a final product using iPads. This CPD is particularly useful for making the learning in your classroom more task based.

    By Bernie O’Shea, Mounthawk, Tralee.

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  • CPD: Weaving the Web, creating websites for MFL classroom

    Weaving the Web presented by Anne Grills in Maynooth University 12th March 2016.

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  • VIDEO: Promoting autonomous learning

    Beyond the classroom: Using YouTube for homework.

    This is a fifth year class using song from a Japanese animated film, with subtitles in the target language, to develop listening and reading skills. The song is taken from YouTube. The intention is to engage students in the classroom and motivate them to work independently on the target language outside of the classroom.

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