Gintare Gedmintaite

Gintare Gedmintaite

Gintare Gedmintaite, Marketing Intern

Gintare joined the PPLI marketing team as an intern in May 2021 and works on various projects, including #ThinkLanguages, promotional materials, and Primary Module support.

She has been a member of the Languages Connect student ambassador team since 2019, taking part in #ThinkLanguages, social media campaigns, and the Santander Language Challenge, in which she and five other students were filmed in Santander, Spain, showing the importance of language skills in day-to-day life.

Gintare is a native Lithuanian speaker. She also has a keen interest in languages which led to her studies at DCU. She is studying Applied Languages and Translation Studies with Spanish and Chinese. She will hopefully get to finish her studies with a year abroad in Spain or China soon!